Share photos via e-mail

Share photos via e-mail

Taken a great photo that you want to share with family and friends? Well sending it to them via email is easier than you might think. Here’s how:

Start by clicking the Start button in the bottom left of the screen.
In Windows XP click My Pictures, in Windows Vista click Documents and then Pictures and in Windows 7 click Pictures.

Now click on the folder that contains the photo that you want to send and click the photo so it is selected.
To send multiple photos, click the first photo to send then hold the Control (Ctrl) key on the keyboard as you click on each of the other photos. When all the photos you want to send are selected you’re ready to proceed.

In Windows XP click E-mail this file, and in Windows Vista and Windows 7 click E-mail. A dialog will appear prompting you to select the picture size. In Windows XP choose Make all my pictures smaller to reduce the size of the photos so they are small enough to email safely and click OK.
In Windows Vista and 7 click a picture size – something like Large is a good choice. Make sure that the file size in the dialog doesn’t exceed 2,000 KB. Click Attach.0

Your e-mail program will open with a new message already created for you and with the photo attached to the message. Type the email address of the person that you’re sending the photo to in the To box, add a message to tell them about the photo and click Send to send it on its way.
When the recipient receives the message containing the photo or photos they can click the files to open them so they can view the photos on their computer.