Useful Websites

It is estimated that there are approximately 1 billion websites on the internet at this point in time, and finding the good ones out of so much clutter is not easy.

This month we tell you about 6 websites that you may otherwise not have found out about. – in the old days we would use a Spanish dictionary to look up a sentence word by word and figure out what it meant, today, with websites like not only do we have access to dozens of languages, but large blocks of text can be translated very quickly, although most likely with many grammatical mistakes. – this website has weather forecasts for most parts of the world and can give reasonably accurate forecasts for particular cities. Open the website and start typing the name of the city you would like to look up in the “Accuweather for:” box and select the city from the dropdown list that appears. – if spelling isn’t your forte Ginger software has a free online proof reading tool that can check up to around 100 words at a time. This tool goes beyond a simple spell checker and will actually check for the correct use of words for example, even if they spelt correctly. – if you feel like the need for some non-intrusive background noise to break the silence, offers some natural sounds, such as water, birds and storms you can very easily play on your computer. Some reports even claim that it is not productive to work in a completely silent environment. – If you have heard about the term “sleep cycles” then you will appreciate this website. Hearing your alarm when you are deep asleep isn’t nice, so this website calculates the best times for you to set your alarm clock based on sleep cycles, waking you up when you are naturally in the lightest possible sleep state. – this website provides you with the user manuals for almost anything you can think of. If you have lost the user manual for some device around your home, this is the website that will solve that problem for you. It even has assembly instructions for flat packed furniture!