Tip 244 – Easily open a link in a new tab

DOWNLOAD PDF When browsing the internet, you may see a link you want to read without leaving the page you have currently open, or you may want to open several websites from a Google search. You can do that by opening the website in a new tab. If you are using a mouse, simply click […]

Send a fax online

Although faxes have been made almost totally obsolete by email and other communication technologies, there may be still a scenario where you need to send a fax, and the good news is you don’t need a fax machine to do so. Obviously the person receiving the fax will need a fax machine, but the person […]

Learn a new language online

Whether it be through need or for a hobby, learning a new language is never easy for adults, however there are audio and online programs that try and make this as easy as possible for us, and one of them is called Duolingo. Duolingo is an online program that teaches a handful of languages through […]

Schedule an event at a time that works for all

If you have to bring a group of busy people together, trying to find a date and time that works for all can be quite a time consuming activity, involving several emails and phone calls back and forward; that is unless you are using Doodle. Doodle.com is like a poll that allows you to set […]

Save a group of websites you use regularly

If you have a set of websites you often refer to, in this article we show you how to save that group of websites so you can quickly open them when needed rather than opening each one, one at a time. If you have an established routine where you check the news, the weather and […]

Keeping track of your expenses with YNAB

YNAB or, “You Need a Budget”, is one of the most popular personal finance tools that not only helps you budget, but also helps you keep track of your spending. YNAB is an online tool, making collaboration very easy. First of all, security. Because your own personal finances are involved, YNAB has taken security very […]

Online Games for the brain!

This article is about online games for adults, such as Sudoku, cross words and other brain teasing games to exercise your brain or simply take a break from the daily grind! Although studies say memory games aren’t as good as exercise is for the brain, they do suggest the brain needs mental stimulation, which means […]

Online Coupon Codes for Discounts

Businesses have used discounts to attract new customers or repeat orders for many years. What has changed with the internet is how easy it is for you to search and find coupon codes you otherwise would miss out on. When you purchase a product online, in the checkout process there is often an option to […]

Manage saved passwords in your browser

Most internet browsers have a handy feature that remembers passwords when you log into websites that require a username and password to enter. In this article we show you how to access and manage these saved passwords. Having your browser save usernames and passwords is a great feature and time saver when it comes to […]

Useful Websites

It is estimated that there are approximately 1 billion websites on the internet at this point in time, and finding the good ones out of so much clutter is not easy. This month we tell you about 6 websites that you may otherwise not have found out about. www.translate.com – in the old days we […]