Online Coupon Codes for Discounts

Businesses have used discounts to attract new customers or repeat orders for many years. What has changed with the internet is how easy it is for you to search and find coupon codes you otherwise would miss out on.

When you purchase a product online, in the checkout process there is often an option to enter a discount code or coupon. If you are not included in this businesses mailing list, then chances are you won’t have a coupon code to use. In that case, you can use these coupon code websites to see if there are any valid codes you can use to get a discount on your purchase.

Some websites are country specific, but the website we recommend you visit is Once on the site, use the search bar at the top of the page to search for the website you are making your purchase on. In the search results, the coupon codes are usually hidden behind a button you need to click to reveal it.

Other offers may just show as “Get deal”. These ones don’t have a code you type in at checkout, but by clicking that link, you access the website and the discount is automatically applied for you. Another thing to look for is coupons with a high success rate – this indicates that the coupon is still valid and will actually work.

Once you have found a coupon for the shopping site you want to use, do your purchase as normal, but throughout the checkout process, and certainly before you pay, look for a button, box or link that allows you to enter a discount or coupon code. Once you locate it, enter the code you have found and the discount should be applied.

Not all discount codes will work and sometimes you will need to go back to the coupon site and try several different codes, but as you can see here, a few minutes of searching has saved me £15.00 off my first online Sainsbury order. Another website you can use for codes is or you can Google search for a code for a particular shop.