Send a fax online

Although faxes have been made almost totally obsolete by email and other communication technologies, there may be still a scenario where you need to send a fax, and the good news is you don’t need a fax machine to do so.

Obviously the person receiving the fax will need a fax machine, but the person sending the fax can do so using an online service for a small fee, or in some cases even for free. Although some people prefer faxes because of security, they are slightly more secure than emails, but can still be a security concern when dealing with confidential information.

Go to and fill out the details of your fax. There are the details that will appear in the header of the fax to make sure they are correct. Also keep in mind that you will not be able to make a call and ask to be transferred to a fax machine, so the number should be a number that dials directly through to the recipients fax machine.

You main fax message should first be typed out in a Word document and saved on your computer. Next on the MyFax website, click the Browse button and select the Word document you created. You can also type a small introduction to the fax in the text message box, but this is optional. Once you have attached the message, click the “Send Fax” button.

Now MyFax will display a message confirming the fax has been set up, but there is still one more step to complete before it will actually send. Wait for an email to arrive from MyFax. This email will contain a link you need to click to confirm and send the fax, and your recipient should receive it at their fax machine a few minutes later.

Here is what the recipient will receive in thier fax machine. If you need to receive a fax, this same website can provide you with a fax number you can use, and any faxes that are sent to that number will be sent to you by email as a PDF attachment, although that service does carry a small fee. You can send up to 2 free faxes per day, and if you need to send more than that, you can subscribe to the service for a small monthly fee.