Online collaboration with OneNote

When working on a project that requires collaboration with others, you can easily do this using OneNote, even if you’re working with someone on the other side of the world. With OneNote you can collect and share photos, to-do lists, budgets, text and much more. In our January 2016 newsletter we introduced you to OneNote. […]

LibreOffice: like Microsoft Office, but free

When you purchased your computer, you most likely had the additional expense of buying Microsoft Office, which comes in different version. If you purchased a basic version, it’s likely you don’t have programs such as PowerPoint, so this free software could be just what you need. LibreOffice is a set of programs very similar to […]

Make lists with bullet points

Whether you want to create a simple list of items, or emphasise a series of paragraphs or points in a document, adding bullet points to them makes them easier to read, and Word makes it very easy for you. Bullet points are an excellent way to break down complex information into sections, or clearly define […]

Working with Folders in Windows

When you’re starting out learning about computers it can be hard to understand what folders are and how you can find and organize your files into them. This month we’ll get you started working with folders in Windows. We’ll show you where to find the all-important Downloads folder where your downloaded files are stored, how […]

Polish Your Typing Skills

Are you a “hunt and peck” typist or can you touch type with confidence? Not all of us learned to type at school and if your typing skills could use some work, then a learn to type program can help. We’ll show you our choice of online typing programs and get you started improving your […]

Easily Uninstall an Unwanted Program

Sometimes you will install a program on your computer and later decide that you no longer want it. At this point you may decide you want to remove the program and recover the space that it is taking up on your computer. Windows comes with a built in uninstall application that will step you through […]

Prolonging Your Computer’s Battery Life

If you’re using a laptop computer then battery life will be important to you. There is nothing worse than running out of battery when there is no outlet available to plug in to. And while power won’t be such an issue on a desktop computer there is no point in wasting power if you don’t […]

Housekeeping and Your Computer

When you have been using your computer for a few months or a few years, you may notice that it is operating more slowly than it used to. Over time as you add and remove programs from your computer and browse the web, behind the scenes hundreds of extra files are saved to your computer. […]

Shut Down an Unresponsive Program

Sometimes when you’re working on your computer an application might freeze up. You might not be able to do anything with it and clicking the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard will have no effect. In this situation we typically say that the program has crashed as it is unresponsive. When this happens […]

Make Your Computer’s Desktop Your Own

Your Windows desktop is what you see behind the icons on your screen and it shows an image which comes included with Windows. This background image can be changed and Windows comes with a variety of images you can choose from. These images are bundled in what are called Themes that include not just images […]