Online collaboration with OneNote

When working on a project that requires collaboration with others, you can easily do this using OneNote, even if you’re working with someone on the other side of the world. With OneNote you can collect and share photos, to-do lists, budgets, text and much more.

In our January 2016 newsletter we introduced you to OneNote. If you don’t already have OneNote, revisit our article, download the program (for free) and acquaint yourself with how it works. This article looks at how simple it is create a notebook in OneNote and share it with anyone, so they can view, or even add to your notes, making collaboration on any project a breeze.

We suggest you start your shared OneNote notebook as an online notebook. Go to and sign in with your Microsoft ID account, or create a new one if you don’t already have one. Click on the “Notebooks” section on the left and click the “+New” link to create a new Notebook.

Once you have created your new OneNote workbook, you can then share it to give other people access to the information stored in it. Click the “+Share” button in the top right hand corner. There are two ways you can share the notebook – either by invitation only, which will grant access only to specific people you choose.

The second way to share this Notebook is to create a link which you can distribute by email or other means. Anyone who receives the link will be able to access the file, so in a sense you have no control over who can access the file, since the link could be forwarded on to others, which in some cases may not be a problem.

If you select the “Invite People” option, there is a link under the Note box called “Recipients can edit”. Click this link and you will be able to control the access level you are granting to those you have invited. When using the link option, by default anyone using your link will be able to edit the Notebook.

If you don’t have a dropdown list to select the “View Only” option, click the “Create another link” option and select the “View only” option. Once you have set the link settings, click the “Create Link” button to save the link. Once the Notebook is shared, the share settings will be displayed under the “Shared with” heading in this menu.

To cancel shared access to your Notebook, click on the link or invitee you want to cancel, and then click the “Remove Link” button for links, or for people you have invited, click the access level dropdown list and select “Stop Sharing”. Extra Tip: Editing a notebook using the online version can be slow. Click the “Edit in OneNote” link to work on your notebook using the desktop version of OneNote instead.