Edit Pictures with Pixlr.com

We have provided a couple of options for editing photos in the past, and Pixlr is another one. Pixlr is an online photo editor, which means you do not need to install a program to use it, the magic all happens in your internet browser. Pixlr has a good set of tools and effects for […]

Converting your old slides and film to digital

If you have got boxes and boxes of old slides that you would like to preserve or share with others, it is actually possible to convert them into digital files, allowing you to then easily print them or share them with others in digital format. This article doesn’t go into specific detail on how to […]

Create a photo album online

A baby is born, someone gets married, you have a family reunion or go on a trip, and lots of photos are taken. Rather than leave them stored away on your computer bring them out for everyone to see with a fancy printed photobook! This article is about a website called picaboo.com that allows you […]

Print your own Photos at Home!

In Issue 2 we explained how to get your photos developed using an online print service, but there may be times you want to print off only one or two photos, and if you have the right sort of printer, you can actually do it yourself. Printing photos yourself will generally be slightly more expensive, […]

Give A Family Photo A New Look

A fun technique to apply to a favorite photo is to give it a new background. So you might, for example, take a photo of your family and place everyone at a popular tourist destination or perhaps a tropical beach. In this issue we will show you how to do this using Paint.net. If you […]

Create Split Pictures for Canvas Printing

To give a favorite photo a unique look why not split it into three pieces and print one image on each of three separate canvases? Then hang the three canvases side by side so you get the look of one image spread over a larger area. To achieve this look first determine the size of […]

Make a Custom Collage of Photos

In last month’s issue we introduced you to the online photo-editing site BeFunky.com. One of the tools at BeFunky is a photo collage application which lets you combine multiple photos into a single image. Collages are a fun way to share a series of photos which all relate to the same theme. In this issue […]

Make a Family Reunion Photo Album

When you’re having a family reunion or a family get together it’s fun to be able to show photos of the family that you have captured over the years. PowerPoint has an easy to use Family Reunion Photo Album template that you can use as a starting point for creating a great photo album presentation. […]

Fun with Creative Photo Editing

When you’re ready to go beyond basic edits and create some interesting effects with your photos there are some online programs that you can use. These programs work inside your web browser so, provided you have access to the internet, you can upload your photos and work with them online. This month we’ll introduce you […]

Selective color photo effect

The selective color photo effect shows a photo in black and white with just one element left colored. The effect is popular and is often used in advertising and in Wedding photography. As it is a relatively easy effect to achieve, you can create this effect on a favorite photo and we will show you […]