Print your own Photos at Home!

In Issue 2 we explained how to get your photos developed using an online print service, but there may be times you want to print off only one or two photos, and if you have the right sort of printer, you can actually do it yourself.

Printing photos yourself will generally be slightly more expensive, but all you need is a general purpose ink jet printer with the right paper, and your printed photos will be just as good as what you would get from a print shop. We explain the different printers available in Issue 6 if you need a refresher.

Start with getting the right paper for the job. Most supermarkets or stationers stock Premium Photo paper which will produce the best prints. The most common size for photos is 6 x 4 inches, or 15 x 10cm, but usually other sizes are available as well. Plain paper can also be used if you do not want a high quality print.

Although some modern printers can connect directly to your camera via a cable or wireless connection, we suggest you first transfer your photos from your camera to your computer, as explained in Issue 2. Once the photos are on the computer, locate the folder where you saved them and select the photo you want to print.

Now click the Print button, which is in the top menu for Windows 7, or in the Share tab for Windows 8. Select your printer from the first drop down list, and then click the drop down list for paper size. Select the “More…” option, and then select “Japanese Postcard” or A6 to print a standard size photo.

Change the Paper Type to Special, making sure your Premium Photo paper is loaded in your printer and the feed guides have been adjusted in to fit the smaller size paper. Then click the Print button. If everything has worked as expected, you would now have “developed” your own photo – something unheard of several years ago!