Make a Custom Collage of Photos

In last month’s issue we introduced you to the online photo-editing site One of the tools at BeFunky is a photo collage application which lets you combine multiple photos into a single image. Collages are a fun way to share a series of photos which all relate to the same theme.

In this issue we’ll show you how to create your own photo collage.

Launch Internet Explorer and visit Click the Collage Maker icon at the top of the page. Then click the Templates icon on the left of the page and click Grid. Click on a grid to use from those shown. We chose the one with four squares. Click the button showing three horizontal lines in the top left corner to return to the editing area.

To use a different background color click the Settings icon. Click in the color picker box and choose a different color. Adjust the Spacing and Corner rounding sliders if desired to alter the spacing between images and the roundness of the borders.

Click in the first box and click the + symbol in its top right corner. When the file dialog opens, browse to your My Pictures folder and find your first photo. Click the photo to select it and click Open to upload it to your collage.

Continue and add photos to each of the boxes in the collage. If a photo is bigger than the box it is in you can move it inside the box to reposition it.

Click the Edit icon in the top right of a photo to open the Edit Image dialog. Here you can adjust the size of the photo, and you can rotate it and flip it using the icons in the dialog. Click the X (close) button when you are done.

You can add text to your collage by clicking the Text option, choose a style of text and then type your text into the box. The Text dialog has options for coloring the text, the glow around the text and the background. Drag the circle in the bottom right of the text to move, size and rotate it.

Click the Graphics icon to access graphics that you can drag and drop onto your collage. Remember that those with a star in the top right corner are only available with a paid subscription.

When you’ve are done, click the Save To button and click Desktop. Click Save and then choose a location on your computer such as your My Pictures folder to save the completed image into.

When you’re visiting a web page that has a lot of content in it you can search inside the page to find information of interest.
Press Ctrl + F (or choose Edit > Find) to open the Find dialog and type the word or phrase to search for. If it appears on the page you will be taken to the first place it appears.

Click Next or press Enter to go to the next occurrence of the word or phrase. The Find bar tells you how many matches there are for your term. The highlight button toggles on and off highlighting of the search text on the page.