Edit Pictures with Pixlr.com

We have provided a couple of options for editing photos in the past, and Pixlr is another one. Pixlr is an online photo editor, which means you do not need to install a program to use it, the magic all happens in your internet browser.

Pixlr has a good set of tools and effects for correcting, editing and getting creative with photos, and is provided free of charge. The program looks after low-light photos, red eyes and other corrections as well as providing tools you can use to add text, borders and other items to your picture before saving it back to your computer.

Go to www.pixlr.com and scroll down the page to find the button to launch the Pixlr Express Web App. Once the app starts up, you will need to upload your image to the website. To do this, click the Browse icon and then select the image from the folder system in your computer. Once the image is uploaded, it will display in the Pixlr editor window.

To start editing your image, experiment with the tools available in the menu bar below the image. For example, this is the Focal tool from the “Adjustment” menu. This tool allows you to blur the image, leaving just a focal point in focus. You can move the focal point into position and change the size of it. There are many other tools in the Adjustment menu, such as auto-fix and red-eye correction tools, plus other effects.

The effect you see above is a Vintage effect found in the “Effects” menu. This menu mainly provides coloring effects and offers many different vintage type colour effects as well as more modern effects, such as brightly colour effects, as well as options for black and white, and unicolour options. For each option you can use the slider to change how the effect is applied to the image. Explore the other menus to find borders and other elements you can add to the image.

Once you have completed your editing, you will need to save the image and download it back to your computer to print or email to friends. To do this, click the Save button in the top left hand corner. A small box will open allowing you to set the quality settings for the photo – a higher quality photo will mean a larger file size. Click the Save button in this settings box and you will be prompted to select a place on your computer where the image will be downloaded to.