Great feedback from Ferro Clean!

Ferro Clean subscribe to our newsletters and Excel Helpdesk (read below – they saved more money than the cost of the subscription) and Luke was kind enough to send me a report on a recent ticket he submitted to our helpdesk.  We help companies like this every day, but not everyone is willing to admit in public that they could have saved a whole heap of time if only they’d known how.  So thanks Luke for allowing us to publish this.

Before we contacted ThisIsIT, we were generating reports from the data we imported from our auto-log gauge in a very time consuming way.

This process was rather complicated, and involved copying & pasting the data into a vertical format, then copying it to Word and dividing the data with commas, copying it again to a text file and then saving it as a .csv file, from which we could copy & paste the data into the excel template our client had given us.

The whole process was easy to do, but very time consuming, taking about 4 hours/month (and we could only do it at the end of the month, else we would spend twice as long doing it).

ThisisIT created a formula for us that would automatically split the data and paste it into the relevant cells, meaning we can copy the data straight from the gauge and paste it into the template. This now takes us less than 1 minute/day and means that we can produce a report at any time during the month.

Keeping our customers happy, while not wasting out time!

Ferro Clean provides corrosion prevention services and has been fulfilling the expectations of the construction, mining and fabrication industries since 1966, painting an estimated 125,000 tonnes of steelwork – that’s over 6000 truckloads of steel by the way!

H0w much money did Ferro Clean save using our services?

4 hours x 12 = 48 hours per year

At USD30.00 per hour, that’s USD1440.00 per year, for an invesment of USD295.00 – and that covers other support tickets they might have this year too.

What they really saved was time – which you can’t put a value to really – what could you do with 48 hours?  How many sales could you close?  What would those sales be worth?