Quick way to email someone you email often (a speed dial for emails)

Today we announced that you can now submit tickets directly to our Excel helpdesk by simply sending us an email, and I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to share iTip 197 with the not so priveliged – as in, those of you who get iTips because you’re not subscribed!

The real reason I’m sharing it is because for those of you who are subscribed, you can make submitting tickets to our helpdesk even easier by using this little tip.  Create a shortcut on your desktop which you can simply click to create an email addressed to us (support@e-thisisit.com).

Here is the link to the video: Create a Handy Desktop E-mail Shortcut


The iTips were added to the business subscription in January 2011 to cater to many people who wanted to learn new tips but didn’t have the time to read our newsletters.

The iTip is an email sent once a week which contains a single tip. The body of the email contains the actual tip, which can be read on Smartphones as well, and it contains a link to a video version which gives you a demonstration of the tip.

You can also download the iTip in PDF format or view it on our private group in LinkedIn.