Adding a third party spam filter

In our May 2015 issue we explained what spam is and how to deal with it, but if spam is becoming an increasing problem for you, then it may be time to consider installing a professional Spam filter.

Some email address providers, such as Gmail, do a very good job in stopping spam before it even gets to your Outlook. If you never log into the Gmail website, it’s quite possibly you’ve never seen a spam email before, however some email addresses seem to be a magnet for spam emails, and although it’s still not a full solution, a spam filter will certainly help.

Go to and click on the free download button for Spam Fighter. This will take you to a download page with another download button, which will start the download. Once the download is complete, go to your downloads folder and double click the file to start the installation. During the installation process you will need to provide your email address.

If Outlook is running during the installation process, you will be asked to close it to complete the installation. Now open Outlook and a new section, called SPAMFighter, should be added to your home tab, and a new email folder will be created, also called SPAMFighter. By default, any emails that the filter deems to be spam will be moved here.

Once installed, the filter will start to work without any further setup, however it is recommended that you check your SPAMFighter folder every now and then to make sure no legitimate emails are being blocked. If they are, select the email you wish to unblock, and click the Unblock button in the SPAMFighter menu.

Likewise, any emails that are not being blocked can be blocked using the Block button, or you can click on the “More” dropdown list, click the “Blacklist” option and select “Domain” to block all emails from that domain. The same procedure can be used to whitelist all emails from a particular domain, ensuring no emails from that domain are blocked.