Create your own custom grocery list

Do you carefully compile a shopping list before heading to the supermarket each week? How much easier would this task be if you just checked off items on a list?

A shopping list created in Microsoft Excel can be printed to take shopping with you. It will double as a list as well as a reminder of things you might need to buy.

To make your list you can use an Excel template so launch Excel and in Excel 2007 click the Office button and choose New. In Excel 2010 & 2013 choose File > New. In the search box type Blank Grocery List and click to search. Choose the Blank Grocery list and click Download to download and open it.

The spreadsheet has descriptive titles such as Produce and Dairy and blank cells below. Click in any cell and type an item to add to the list. You can click in a cell containing a title and type over it to rename it if desired. If you make a mistake, click in the cell and type over the item to replace it with a new entry.

Once your list is complete, save it by choosing File > Save As and choose a folder to save it into – My Documents is a good choice. Type a name for the file such as Grocery List and click Save.

To print the grocery list choose File > Print and click Print to print it – the file is already set up so that it will print on one page for you.In future you can open the grocery list file and edit it to change any items if desired and then print additional copies.