Take your reminder list with you

One useful feature of the web is that you can save information online so you can access it wherever you happen to be. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

A reminder or to do list is something you may want to view anytime. An online to do list manager will store your list online for you so you can view it from any computer.
You can write your list at home and view and update it at work. You can also share your list with your spouse and children at work or home via a browser.
Better still, many online to do list managers can also be linked to other programs like Outlook.
Some online to do list managers handle very simple lists and some offer more advanced features. One that we like is the quirkily named Remember The Milk which lets you create and view your list in any web browser. It also links to Gmail, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

To get started visit www.rememberthemilk.com and sign up for a free list. You need to type your name, e-mail address, supply a user name and a password. Once you’ve registered you’ll be sent an e-mail asking you to verify your e-mail address.

In the meantime you can login and start working on your list so click Login to do just that.
To add a list item, click the Personal tab and type the first task such as Go to the bank and press Enter. This is now an entry in your to do list. You can add more tasks the same way.

Tasks can be prioritized as 1, 2 or 3 priority. To assign a priority click the task and press 1 for priority one, 2 for priority two and 3 for priority three – the task will change color accordingly.
When you have completed a task, click it and click the Complete button to remove it from the list. If you make a mistake, press Z to undo it.

When you’re done click Logout to exit your account. In future, visit
www.rememberthemilk.com and login with your user name and password to view your list.

If installing www.rememberthemilk.com on another device, use the same user name and password so that your lists will appear on that device as well.