Deleting files from your computer

When you delete files, they usually end up in the recycle bin on your desktop. What if you have a sensitive file you want to be completed deleted? Here is how you do it.

If you haven’t yet deleted your file, press the Shift and Delete keys together and your file will be completely deleted, and not go to the recycle bin. If your file is already in the recycle bin, select the file and press the delete button again to permanently delete it. You can use the “Empty Recycle Bin” button to clear out all your deleted files.

If you are selling your machine, or giving it to someone else to use as their own, there is a small risk they may try and recover files you have deleted. The safest option is to replace your hard drive, but if this isn’t an option, refer to the February 2015 article about CCleaner which has an option to “Wipe free space” in its clean-up settings, which will completely remove deleted files.