How to scan your computer for viruses

When viruses strike, the first thing you should do is run an antivirus scan on your computer. Here is how to do it, and how to deal with any viruses it may find.

Once you have installed an antivirus, such as ESET, Norton, or the free Avast! Antivirus, it usually works in the background and protects you from any viruses that may come your way. However at times you may suspect your computer has a virus and you will need to run a manual scan to check for and deal with any viruses.

Open your antivirus by locating its icon in the notification area by the date and time. If you hover over each icon, the programs name will display. Once located, double click it to open the program. First ensure the virus signature files are up to date. Look for the update menu and click the Update button or link to do this.

Depending on your anti-virus program, there may be a prominent “Scan Computer” button, or it could be found on a separate menu. Some anti-viruses offer a quick or smart scan as well as an in-depth scan. The difference being how thorough the scan is, and therefore how long the scan will take.

We suggest you try with the quick scan option first and if no viruses are found, only then running the in-depth scan just to be sure, as even the quick scan take about an hour to complete. Once the scan has completed it will display a list of threats that have been found. For each threat, you can choose to ignore it or delete it, then click the Finish button.

If your anti-virus can’t remove the virus for some reason, download and install the free version of Malwarebytes by clicking here: This tool is free to use and very easy to use by installing it and following the instructions in this article.