Groceries Delivered to Your Door

Do you hate having to do grocery shopping? Are you housebound and unable to get out? Or could you simply make better use of your time? In most big cities and many smaller ones your local supermarket will let you order online and it will deliver your week’s shopping to your front door.

Buying groceries online is handy if time is short or if you can’t get to the store. You can do it regularly or just occasionally and it is easy to set up and do. Here’s how:

To begin you’ll need to find a grocery store that will deliver in your area. If you’re unsure type ‘home delivery groceries’ followed by your city into your favorite search engine (we use, to see what is available. Then click to visit the supermarket site to get started.
Alternately, visit your favorite supermarket like Sainsbury’s shown here and you can type your postcode to check if delivery is available in your area.z

Getting started is as easy as looking for each item on your shopping list. You will find items grouped by type such as meat, fish and poultry, dairy, eggs and chilled. Click a category of food and then click the sub category and so on to drill down to find the item to purchase.
Here we’ve chosen to view organic milk and eggs. Look out for a breadcrumb trail shown here – you can click on a link here to move back up the sub-categories so you can, for example, go from viewing fresh milk to eggs.

When you find the item to purchase, add it to your cart by typing the number of items in the box and click Add. To get more information about the product click the product name to see information such as nutritional data and storage information. You may also see options for buying multiple items at a discount. Exactly what type of information you see will depend on what your online supermarket provides.

To locate an item by name click in the Search box and type a description of the item such as Thai noodles and click to view the full range of Thai noodles. If you know the manufacturer such as Alpen – which manufactures breakfast cereal – type Alpen to see the products manufactured by Alpen.

To schedule a delivery click the Delivery link. You’ll be shown a calendar of available delivery times and the cost of delivery within that timeframe. Choose a timeslot to book that as your delivery time. Once you have booked your delivery you can continue shopping.

When you’re ready to check out click the Checkout option but be aware that some supermarkets require you spend a minimum amount so you won’t be able to checkout until you have items totaling at least that value in your cart.
Click to see the cart and check the items in it and the quantities of each.

Click Checkout when you’re ready to check out. At this point you will need to register so go ahead and do this. You will need to supply your delivery address, phone number, credit card details and any other required information to complete your order.

Depending on the site you are using you may be able to authorize the supply of a similar product if a product you order isn’t available. You may be able to do this on a per item basis or it may be a global setting. Look out for this option and set it to the choice you are most comfortable with.

If you have questions about the service click to visit the online supermarket’s Help section. Most of the typical questions you might want to ask such as how can you amend an order, change a delivery time, or request a refund can be found here.