Print Your Calendar

If you use the Outlook Calendar to organize your life you may wish to have a printed copy of the calendar to take with you on holidays or if you are away from your computer for a time. Outlook has a handy feature which lets you print a copy of your calendar.

Inside Outlook click Calendar to view your calendar. If you have more than one calendar then click the checkbox for the calendar to use from those listed in your My Calendars list.

Click File and then choose Print. From the Settings list choose the style of printed calendar to use. You can view each of them by clicking on the style name so you can see which will best suit your needs. You can print a daily, weekly or monthly calendar or a Tri-fold one.

Click Print Options to configure the options for the style of calendar you chose. In the Print Range select the first and last day of the group of days to print.

Click Page Setup to see configurable options for the type of calendar that you have chosen. For example some calendars have an optional notes area that can be lined or blank. You can also select to print only workdays rather than workdays and weekends.
Once you’ve set your preferences click Ok and click Preview to preview the calendar. If it you need to make changes, click Print Options and make these changes. When you are happy with how it looks click Print to print the calendar.

Sometimes you may want to print an empty calendar that you can complete by hand. You
can do this in Outlook by selecting the Calendar and click the Home tab on the Ribbon. Click the Open
Calendar button and click Create New Blank Calendar. Type a name for it and click Ok. You can now print this calendar knowing that it is a blank calendar so you can complete it by hand.