Mouse settings to help precision

Controlling the mouse comes easy to most, but for some it can be difficult to get the pointer where we want it. Windows has several settings we can change to make the mouse easier to use.

Because the mouse is used to select, move and do other actions to objects on your computer, you need a certain amount of precision to point and select the right things.
If you have a laptop and find it hard to use the touchpad built into the machine, we recommend you purchase a USB mouse that can be plugged into the laptop. This is a lot easier to use than the machine touch pad.

A mouse does not work well on glossy or reflective surfaces, like varnished wood. Use of a mouse pad or mouse mat fixes the problem. This is a small pad usually made of soft material, such as rubber, on which the mouse is manoeuvred. They can be purchased at stationary shops and some supermarkets.

You can also adjust the pointer speed when you move the mouse. Press the Windows key, type “Control Panel” and select “Control Panel”. Make sure the “View by” setting is set to large icons. Locate and double click the “Mouse” option and select the “Pointer Options” tab. The slider controls your pointer speed. Click OK once you have set your desired speed.

If you find it hard to see the pointer on your screen, you can change its colour and size. Go back to the Control Panel as explained in step 2 and select the “Ease of Access Center”. Scroll down that window and click “Make the mouse easier to use”. There are nine different size and colour options to choose from. Click the OK button once you have made your selection.

A double click is two mouse clicks in quick succession, and is used to open files and folders on your computer. If you having trouble double clicking you can change the speed at which you need to double click for this to work. Return to the mouse settings on the control panel as explained in step 2 and select the buttons tab. Change the double click speed using the slider and then click the OK button to save the changes.