Research medical terms online

The internet has given us access to a huge information resource of medical and health advice regarding symptoms, medications and treatments, but the information given may not always agree from site to site. Which websites therefore can you trust to give sound advice?

As we covered in our June 2015 issue, not everything you read on the internet is true, and special caution has to be taken when searching for health and medical information. Is the advice coming from a medical company trying to influence people to purchase their products or perhaps from some eccentric quack doctor? The best medical advice is from your own personal doctor, but if you are looking for general information then here are some reliable websites for your research. – Mayo Clinic is widely regarded as the world’s greatest hospital, and that is reflected in their vast trove of medical and health information you can use to research diseases, conditions, symptoms, drugs, supplements, tests and procedures as well as tips for healthy living. On their website, click the “Patient Care & Health Info” dropdown list to access this information. is a website run by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Click the “Health Topics” link to search for health information based on several categories. For example the Body Location list looks at health issues relating to specific body parts or systems, or you can use the Demographic list to search for health topics relating to a particular age group. is a website dedicated solely to adults over 60 years old. Click the “Health Topics A-Z” link at the top of the page to access a handy list of all the topics this website offers in alphabetical order. You can also change the size of the text on this website by using the controls that are located just below the websites logo.

Condition Specific Websites: offers information and advice on cancer, and has information on heart diseases including information on how to keep fit, and help your children develop healthy habits early in life. as the name suggests contains information about diabetes with ideas on preventing it as well as how to improve the lives of those that suffer this condition.