Save Attachments in Outlook

As long as they aren’t too heavy, Email is probably the easiest way to send photos, Excel and Word files to others. This month we show you how to save these files into a folder on your computer.

In some cases attachments are best left with the email, but if you receive photos you may want to save them in your Pictures folder, sorted by date, making them easier to find later on, with all your photos stored in the same place.

Go to the email that has the attachments and right click one of the attachments. Select “Save all attachments” and a window will open up with the list of attachments highlighted in blue. If there are any attachments you do not want to save, press the “CTRL” key on your keyboard and click the attachments you do not want to save.

If you are not saving them all, the attachments that will not be saved will not be highlighted. Click the “OK” button once you are ready. A new window will open asking you to select the location where you want the attachments to be saved. Open the folder where they are to be saved and click the “OK” button.

Another way is to right click an attachment and select “Select All”. Right click an attachment again and this time select “Copy”. Now go to the folder you want to save them to and press the “CTRL” and V keys on your keyboard to paste them into your folder. You can also paste them into a new email if you need to send them to someone else.

If you want to remove the attachments from your email once they have been saved, right click an attachment and select “Select All”. Right click the attachment a second time and select “Remove Attachment”. Do this with a single attachment as well by skipping the “Select All” step.