Save Images You Find on the Web

When you find a photo or image on the web that you want to keep for reference you can save it to your computer. Here’s how:

When you save an image from a website onto your computer you will have it safe for all time. If the website disappears you will still have the image. So, when you find a photo of something you want to make or buy, why not save it?

First view the website displaying the image in your web browser. Right click the image and choose Save Picture As. When the Save dialogue appears select the folder in which to save the image. Your My Pictures folder or a folder inside it is a good place to use. Type a new name for the image, if desired, and click Save to save the image to your computer’s hard disk.

In future, when you want to look at the image again, click the Start button, choose Pictures and you will find the image there.
Be aware that the copyright in the image remains with the original creator. You cannot use this image for any commercial purpose but this process is handy when you want to keep the photo for personal reference.