Create Your Own Photo Slide Show

It’s fun to revisit events and holidays by looking at the photos you took. One way to do this is by playing a slide show of the photos. This is quick and simple to do and doesn’t require any special software.

You can easily choose the photos that you want to view and rotate any photos that you captured with the camera turned on its side and which are still rotated on your computer. We’ll show you how to do all this and how to configure and run the slideshow.

Click the Start button, click Pictures and double click on the folder of photos that you want to see in your slide show. To choose only a few photos (rather than seeing them all), click on the first photo and then hold the Shift key down while you Click on the last in the sequence. To select photos that are not arranged side by side hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click each image in turn to select it.

Right click the selected photos and click Preview from the menu to open the images in the Windows Photo Viewer. Click the Next button to step through all the photos you have selected. If a photo needs to be rotated click the Rotate Clockwise or Rotate Anticlockwise button to rotate it and continue to the next photo.

When you are ready to play the slideshow click the button in the middle under the photo (the Play Slideshow button). The screen will clear and the slideshow will play at full screen size. It will progress automatically from one photo to the next.

To change the slideshow options right click the screen to display the slide show menu. Here you can adjust the speed it plays at and choose to loop the slide show continually or play it just once. Choose Shuffle to show the photos in a random order. To quit the slideshow, press the Escape key on the keyboard and close the Windows Photo Viewer.