Set Internet Explorer to your Preferred Home Page

When you start Internet Explorer the first thing you will see is the default Home page. In some cases this may not be the page that you actually want to see – if this is the case – you can change this page to whatever you want it to be. So, for example, if you always visit a particular website each day you can have Internet Explorer open at that website automatically.

Here’s how to do it:

Launch Internet Explorer and visit the website that you want to make your new Home page.

Click to open the Tools menu and choose Internet Options. Click on the General tab. If the Tools menu is not visible, try pressing the ALT key.

In the Home Page area, click the Use Current button and click Ok to set this as your new Home page. Close Internet Explorer and restart it to test that the new home page is working.

If, instead of a website, you would prefer to start Internet Explorer with an empty screen, type About:Blank into the Home Page box, click Apply and then Ok. Restart Internet Explorer to confirm that it launches with an empty tab visible. If you are using Windows 8 and the tile version of Internet Explorer there is no option to set a home page in that version. Instead, open the desktop and then launch the version of Internet Explorer you find there. Set your home page (as detailed above) and once this is done, both the desktop version of Internet Explorer and the tile version will start with your chosen home page.