Track Household Chores in Excel

If you like to keep track of household chores using a printed checklist, Excel can help. Using a simple chores list worksheet you can easily plan the week’s chores, print a copy and post it on the family noticeboard so everyone can see it.

To help you out, we’ve located a handy Excel template for you to use. All you need to do is to edit the chores, add names and the date, and print your list. Each week you can update the list and print a new copy. We’ll show you how to get the template and how to complete it.

Download the template from chore schedule.xlsx. Once downloaded, double click the file to open it in Excel. The worksheet is quite simple in layout and it’s easy to adapt it to your own needs.

Start by clicking on the date in the top left of the worksheet – this is the first day of the week for the list. To start your list on, say, June 8, type 8-Jun-2015 and press Enter. Notice that the column headings change to show the appropriate days of the week.

To assign a task to someone, click in the Who column for that task and that day and type the persons name in the cell. Press Enter and continue to type a persons name for any and all of the chores that you want to assign. To change a chore’s name click on the cell in column C that contains the chore to alter and type a new description in its place.

To remove an unwanted row, from the Home tab of the Ribbon, click the Find & Select dropdown list and click Select Objects. Drag around all the boxes in the row to delete so that they are all selected. Press the Delete key to remove the checkboxes. Press the Escape key to return to regular editing. Now click the row number at the left of the screen to select the row to remove and click Delete on the Home tab of the ribbon to remove it.

To add additional rows, click on the row number where you want to insert a new row. From the Home tab of the Ribbon click Insert. Now click the row number of any row that already has data in it. Click Copy on the Home tab of the ribbon. Select the row number of your new, empty row and click Paste. This pastes the formatting, text and checkboxes into your new row. All you need to do is to edit the text to create the new chore.