Lace your customers shoes (with Excel)

Last month I had the privilege of presenting for over 6000 people at a business seminar along with some great speakers like Colin Boyd and Don Peppers – the topic was “Achieving”. The best thing about presenting at a seminar like this is you get to hear the other presenters and learn something yourself – […]

Do you know your formulas? What about your brackets?

Like commas in sentences, (Brackets) change the meaning of an Excel formula… Lets eat Grandma… would be enough to send her running, but Lets eat, Grandma… would have the exact opposite result. In formulas: 5+2 *3 = 11 and (5+2)*3 = 21 Two very different results, and the only difference is the brackets – if […]

The Survivalist Attitude and Microsoft Office

Giving employees the right tools to do their job is often quoted as a key component of keeping them happy and retaining them in the business, but from an employee’s perspective, when faced with a situation in your job where you don’t have the right tools, what do you do?  Obviously for tradesmen, this is […]

Quick way to email someone you email often (a speed dial for emails)

Today we announced that you can now submit tickets directly to our Excel helpdesk by simply sending us an email, and I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to share iTip 197 with the not so priveliged – as in, those of you who get iTips because you’re not subscribed! The real reason I’m […]

The results are in: Statistics on Excel users

We analysed the results of pre-assessment tests on 500 randomly selected people who have taken our Excel Tutorials and came up with some statistics on Excel users – the results confirm businesses do have a problem on their hands. This is a test that each user takes before each lesson and it covers all subjects […]

$617 Billion Fat Finger Error – How to avoid errors in Excel

A trader in Tokyo found himself in a hopelessly embarrassing situation after it was found that he had keyed in some wrong numbers, which ended up in an error that caused 617 billion US dollars’ worth of orders to be cancelled on the stock exchange.  These sorts of errors have earned the name “fat finger […]

The email lifesaver – delay your emails by a few minutes

delay sending a message

The Email Lifesaver – delay sending your emails by a few minutes It’s not until you arrive at the airport you remember everything you forgot to pack, and it’s not until you click the Send button, you realize you’ve just mucked up big time, and now it’s too late to stop that email from making […]

Quickly insert a total sum in Excel

One of the advantages in Excel is the ability to use formulas to quickly calculate averages, totals, etc as well as complex calculations. Prehaps a formula we use the most is the SUM formula – a simple formula that most closely resembles what we used to use a calculator for. This tip card shows you […]

Quickly Minimise All Open Windows to show the desktop

The desktop is often the place many people go to to launch programs or find documents and shortcuts they have stored there to keep them handy. Don’t make the mistake of having to click through several steps to see your desktop – it can be done quickly with this shortcut!        

Quick way to lock your computer

When you leave your desk, do you leave your computer open to snooping eyes?  If so, this tip only takes you 1 second to do – you should have no further excuses for not locking your computer now.