Desktop Wallpaper Cheatsheet – 10 Vital Windows Shortcuts

If you use Windows, its vital you know these shortcuts off by heart. Download one of the desktop images below and use it on your dekstop for a week, or until you memorize them all! Click on one of the desktop images below and it will open a high resolution copy of it.  If you […]

Quick shortcut to send an email

Here is a quick image to help you remember this very useful tip I use close to one hundred times a day, sometimes more. When you get in the habit using these sorts of shortcuts, thats when you really start to get fast and efficient with Excel.       Full high resolution version below: […]

Infographic: HR leaders under pressure

Sustaining Employee morale and engagement, developing tomorrows leaders and conecting HR and talent with business critical priorities are listed off as the the 3 most pressing issues for HR professionals interviewed in 59 countries. No wonder they don’t have time to reply to my emails. Check out this infographic below for more interesting facts and […]

Desktop Wallpaper Cheatsheet – 9 important Outlook shortcuts

We spend enough time with emails without wasting even more time by not using shortcuts.  Below are some important Outlook shortcuts you should memorize and put to use to save time. Click on one of the desktop images below and it will open a high resolution copy of it.  If you are using Firefox, right […]

Create Certificates of Achievement in bulk using Excel

Your staff have finished the training, and now its time to issue the certificates of achievement.  Could be a time consuming task.  If you spend a lot of time doing this, or possibly aren’t issuing certificates because of the time it takes, then here is a simple tool in Excel which you can edit and […]

Ink stamp font: Convert any font into an old rubber ink stamp font

If you are using PowerPoint, Word, Publisher or actually any graphical layout program, such as InDesign, and you want to add some text in an old rubber ink stamp font, you are in luck if you: 1) Have a program like Photoshop and know how to simulate a stamp effect on your work 2) Have […]

Archive emails and keep your Outlook under control

In an age where we receive more and more emails, how to keep control of the ever growing pile of emails is a problem for many. We love the convenience of being able to look back at communications that happened years ago in just a few seconds, but it’s not a good idea to have […]