Desktop Wallpaper Cheatsheet – 9 important Outlook shortcuts

We spend enough time with emails without wasting even more time by not using shortcuts.  Below are some important Outlook shortcuts you should memorize and put to use to save time.

Click on one of the desktop images below and it will open a high resolution copy of it.  If you are using Firefox, right click the Image and select “Set as Desktop Background”.  If you are using Internet Explorer, right click the image and select “Set as Background”.  If you are using Chrome, you will need to right click the image, select “Save Image As” to save a copy to your computer, and then manually set it as your desktop wallpaper.

CTRL+ENTER – Sends your email
CTRL+N – Creates new item based on what part of Outlook you have open
CTRL+SHIFT+M – Creates a new email message
F9 – Triggers Send/Receive
CTRL+1 – Takes you to Email
CTRL+2 – Takes you to Calendar
CTRL+4 – Takes you to Tasks
Drag an email onto the calendar icon – Creates an appointment using details from the email
Drag an email on to the contacts icon – Adds the send to your contacts